Photo By Tara Flynn ©2017

Photo By Tara Flynn ©2017


The End Tree is the Vancouver-based collaborative songwriting project of Elliot Vaughan (Viola/Voice) and Martin Reisle (Cello/Voice). A unique brand of hallucinatory, melodramatic chamber-pop. Songs for strange and beautiful margins; intense, absurd, soft, playful, intricate. Something like if Béla Bartók ran the Dirty Projectors as a string and vocal duet.


In addition to The End Tree, they work with David Ward, Only A Visitor, Wake Owl, Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast, Maria in the Shower, Very Good, and collaborate regularly within Vancouver’s Dance and Theatre communities.


The End Tree recorded and self-released the EP Everything is Strange in 2012, and plan to release a full-length record in 2017. With Jay Malinowski and the Deadcoast they released the Indian Summer EP (2013) and the full-length Martel (2014).
In 2012, they joined the six-week Revival Tour of Europe with Chuck Ragan, Cory Brannan, Emily Barker, Rocky Votalato, and Jay Malinowski. In Canada, they have performed in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.




“Hearing the End Tree for the first time felt like exactly what I was waiting for. Three brilliant songwriters, singers, and instrumentalists making soulful pop music with sophistication and a deep and woody spirit. Absolutely one of the best bands in Canada.”

—Sean Cronin


“Impressed by how new their sound was; rooted as it was in classical music traditions, they nonetheless had a uniquely different sound and a diverse sensibility in their songs.”

—Gesilayefa Azorbo



“The End Tree… these three guys and they were making the most dissonant beautiful noise, Like Kronos Quartet, right? With a bit of Warren Ellis.”

—Jay Malinowski


“They’re all about positivity, you know like within reason, but they are like….. we’d be sitting there and a fork fell on the floor, and they’re fascinated by it. “What sound was that, what tune was that?” and they’d try to do it again. It was like a fascination and curiosity for sound and what it makes us feel as humans.”

—Jay Malinowski


“A violist, cellist, some vocal harmonies, and a united stage presence makes this duo something more than your classic dinner music, but not quite as dramatic as the theater. It is something in between that makes The End Tree so fascinating to audiences and songwriters alike. They are building a reputation based on their superior musicianship and growing resume of collaborations…fluctuations of high and low energy really kept listeners on their toes.”

—Jason Sylvester

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